Modern bunny decor is with fiberglas material and car paint . Paint color uniform and distinct layers. It is suitable for fashion stores. It‘s name Robbi.

The original design of ROBBi was inspired by China’s first lunar rover “Yutu”. It is a unique soul that “grows” from the perspective of Generation Z, combining the images of Chang’e and Jade Rabbit in ancient Chinese legends with elements such as future technology and fantasy. TA may be human, may be rabbit, may not be. No one knows what’s inside his space helmet. This time, Bailian shares, together with Chaowan IP, intends to recreate trend elements, street culture and art design across borders, and launch new ways of playing such as limited custom dolls and “blind box” beauty machines to provide cutting-edge for young consumers. The trendy and cool experience will create a new highland for trendy consumption.

modern bunny decor
modern bunny decor

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modern bunny decor
modern bunny decor

Glass fiber reinforced plastic car paint paint color uniform and distinct layers

Modern bunny decor is really fashionable and popular among young people. We have different size and types bunny sculpture for you choose from.

Except personal order, wholesale,dealer are welcome to inquiry from us. We supply goods with high quality and competitive price.

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