Greek Nude Sculpture

The power of the greek nude art

Greek Nude Sculpture

Greek nude sculpture is very popular, even today. When we appreciate Western body art, we will find the influence of ancient Greek culture on European art, which is a kind of recognition, appreciation and love for ourselves.

The body art left to us from the golden age of ancient Greek art, as a model of beauty, is unmatched by any other era, any society, or any nation. Human statues in ancient Greece are not only perfect in form, but also fully express the artist’s thoughts and feelings. Such as: “Aphrodides of Knidos”, “Aphrodides of Milos”, “Laocón” and so on.

Their authors use the human body as an artistic language to convey the spiritual power of human beings, affirm the value of human life, express the harmony and unity of a healthy soul and a healthy body, sing praises to human wisdom and strength, and demonstrate human Nobility and self-esteem. Regarding this point, the Russian writer Turgenev once wrote in his novel: “Aphrodides of Milos” is more unquestionable than the “Declaration of Human Rights” of the French Revolution. This means that the former may be more powerful in defending the “dignity of human nature”.

Why were there so many nude sculptures in ancient Greece?

Greek Nude Sculpture

Why was the ancient Greek city-state, which was still in the stage of primitive clan society just turning to slave society more than 2,000 years ago, was able to create such a series of beautiful and moving statues? Moreover, from ancient Greek body art works, people It will also be found that the subject matter of ancient Greek body art, in addition to the characters mainly from Greek mythology, is to express the image of athletes, and the statues of ancient Greece often take the form of nudes. Why do these situations arise?

In the eyes of the Greeks, the ideal figure is a human body that is strong, well-developed, well-proportioned, and good at various sports. The Greeks took the beautiful human body as their model, so those with beautiful carcasses became idols and heroes. Based on this idea, sculptural nudes naturally became the mainstream of art at that time.

Rodin also said: “This peculiar ethos of the Greeks has produced a special concept. In their eyes, the ideal person is not a thinking mind or a sensitive heart, but a good blood, well-developed, well-proportioned, and athletic. , good at all kinds of sports nude”.

Greek Nude Sculpture

Based on this idea, nude sculpture naturally became the mainstream of art at that time. From the perspective of artistic rules, sculpture is a three-dimensional space art, which has a sense of reality and can best express power. And those who are the winners of the sports field and the beautiful body can make the ideal model for the sculptor.

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