Large Bronze Sculpture

The production process of large bronze sculpture

large bronze sculpture

Large bronze sculpture is the classic city landscape. Bronze series according to the size of pattern, make corresponding unpainted clay idol, shaved, with plastic film to prevent unpainted clay idol blowout. Place 3 to 5 days, with gypsum mud unpainted clay idol in the whole body. And in a certain size, place the clapboard separates plaster mud, dry to 3 to 5 days. Peeling has hardened gypsum block, thus the large unpainted clay idol divided into several small pieces of mould. And then through the lost wax casting, Until all the block molds have cast. After the parts made, the next step is welding.

Nowadays, advanced oxygen welders are commonly used. In the past, craftsmen would make their own solder. Small parts welded into larger parts, such as the Buddha’s crown, head, body, throne, etc., before assembled. The copper craft is assembled and polished several times until it is smooth. This is the end of the ordinary copper craft. Gilt: AFTER COPPER HANDICRAFT CLASSICS PICKLING, WASH, ADJUST COLD GOLD POWDER WITH OX GLUE INTO THIN PASTE, BESMEAR BRUSH ON CLEAN COPPER WARE, THIS CALL COLD GOLD, GENERAL FIGURE FIGURE FACE ALL USES COLD GOLD POWDER TO GILT.

large bronze sculpture

Keep the sculpture in long time

There is another method: hot gold, to first gold into very thin gold foil, and then cut into pieces or filaments, into the crucible heating, and according to the proportion of mercury added to mercury into the gold into mercury into the silver white gold mud, and then on the surface of the copper with a layer of mercury, and then evenly coated with gold mud. Finally, the utensils coated with gold mud roasted over a smokeless charcoal fire, while the larger ones roasted with a blowtorch.

The mercury evaporated quickly, and the gold powder contracted and fixed on the surface of the utensils. And the whole copper handicraft turned from white to yellow. The gilding process needs to be done many times for better results. Old: according to the requirements of the use of different chemical spray wash, will produce different effects. Sometimes need to use different chemical drops on the parts of the spray wash multiple times to achieve satisfactory results.

large bronze sculpture
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