The gourd sculpture

The gourd sculpture

The moral of the gourd sculpture and symbol

The gourd sculpture

FRP gourd sculpture has a beautiful meaning. The interior of the treasure gourd sculpture made of FRP is empty. If you add water pipes and pumps, you can also achieve the effect of water spray from the gourd mouth. Painters hand-painted patterns on the gourd to make it look more beautiful.

1, longevity

Hoist is more common in life, hoist has the meaning of longevity and health, which is also one of the gourd meaning and symbol of long life, and put the money in the home the gourd, the significance of family longevity and health, wealth and life, many people put gourd production parts in the body, is a kind of auspicious sexual practices.

The gourd sculpture

2, thriving

Because of the hoist is a kind of vine plants, its tendrils is more intensive, the significance of the meaning of children thrive, so it is also been regarded as children of the mascot, in some temple or church has appeared more, put a gourd in the home, with family, family happy and healthy.

The Shape of the gourd

The gourd has a small belly and a large belly, which symbolizes a full treasury and wealth, which can increase wealth and attract wealth from all directions; the shape of the gourd’s arc. In addition to being used for wine, can also promote harmonious interpersonal relationships and wide-ranging people.

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