Life Size Fiberglass Statues

Introduction of fiberglass material

Life Size Fiberglass Statues

Life Size Fiberglass Statues is very common in our daliy life. Fiberglass sculpture is a finished type of sculpture. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost. FRP, also known as FRP, is scientifically called fiber reinforced plastic. It is a composite material composed of synthetic resin as matrix material and glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material.

Life size fiberglass statues

Life Size Fiberglass Statues

FRP sculpture the most widely used type of sculpture today, and the characteristics of FRP sculpture are also very obvious. FRP sculpture is not only a good artistic expression, but also very suitable as a carrier of art and a good creative partner for artists.

Common FRP sculptures include: round sculptures, relief sculptures, and some other artistic shapes. The quality of FRP sculptures varies. You have to double check. First, if the material is thick and the sound is different, then touch the exterior. A bad sculpture has an uneven appearance. Then look at the brightness of the paint, good paint is beautiful, bad paint is very dull color. Our sculptures are of very good quality. The density of imported raw materials is higher than that of domestic raw materials, and there is no uneven center after five processes. The paint surface has undergone three processes and is painted by the car, with good gloss and will not fade for ten years.

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