Bronze Bird Statue

Item No: ANIM-010
Size: 12 cm in height
Material: brass
Color: Same as Picture
Technology: wax-lost casting
Professional packing: We take extra care in safely packing our fragile items to ensure safe delivery.
Leading time: Ready to ship
Service: Size and color can be done as requested,custom is available, 3D design and printing, door to door delivery, free taxes.

Bronze Bird Statue

It shows a bronze bird statue. This is a bird standing on the branch. Under the branches is the food it picked up, which indicates that it will not be hungry this winter. The bird has long and thin claws, sharp eyes, beautiful tail, and protruding feathers on its head like a mountain peak. It looks very special.

We used the wax loss method to cast the bronze bird sculpture. And every detail displayed. Its sharp mouth, long claws, and clear hair were perfectly displayed. Placing it at home can let you feel the charm of nature closely.

Dimensions of the sculpture: 12*8*7 cm

bronze bird statue

Art treasures, appreciation journey

The bronze bird statue perfectly showcases the beauty of nature before people’s eyes. The details such as branches, feathers, mouth, and claws are handled perfectly, creating a harmonious atmosphere throughout the sculpture. The artist expresses the unique shape and rich connotation of the bird with exquisite artistic skills.

Bronze Bird StatueBronze Bird Statue

Life embellishments, savoring nature

Bronze bird statue can be used as home decorations, allowing people to appreciate the comfort and tranquility of nature, or as collectibles to share the joy and beauty of art with family and friends. It is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating our lives and adding a vibrant landscape to endless daily life. Cardinal bird sculpture can also be given as a gift to friends who love nature.

Bronze Bird Statue

The Meaning of Life in Sculpture

The bird stands on a branch, store food under the branch, indicating that it has sufficient food reserves in winter. This scene reminds people of the harmonious coexistence in nature, and also symbolizes the richness and abundance in life.

Bronze Bird Statue

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