Modern Bunny Decor

Modern bunny decor is with fiberglas material and car paint . Paint color uniform and distinct layers. It is suitable for fashion stores. It‘s name Robbi. The original design of ROBBi was inspired by China’s first lunar rover “Yutu”. It is a unique soul that “grows” from the perspective of Generation Z, combining the images […]

Force of Nature Sculpture

The inspiration of the force of nature This is the force of nature sculpture create by Lorenzo Quinn. It is a limited edition sculpture. “We humans think of ourselves as supreme beings, above all others and in absolute control of our destiny and our surroundings. We live with a false sense of security only to […]

The Hand of God Statue

1. Introduction of The Hand of God Statue The hand of god statue created by contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn is a limited edition sculpture in bronze. When we first saw this sculpture, I thought of the Philosophical Art Sculpture of the Thinker created by French artist Auguste Rodin. But when you look closely, they are […]

France Bruno Catalano Sculpture

Bruno Catalano’s Traveler Sculpture These are France Bruno Catalano sculpture. Sculptor Bruno Catalano is best known for creating bronze sculptures of figures that are missing large numbers of parts and in which he explores themes of migration and travel. He is a very talented artist. He integrates his own style into sculpture creation. Each Catalano […]

Three Graces Bronze Statue

Who Are Three Graces? Three Graces Bronze Statue is Antonio Canova’s statue. It is a Neoclassical sculpture, in marble, of the mythological three Charites, daughters of Zeus – identified on some engravings of the statue as, from left to right, Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia – who were said to represent youth/beauty (Thalia), mirth (Euphrosyne), and […]

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