Confucius Wooden Statue

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Material: wooden
Dimensions: 40cm, 50cm, 60cm
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Confucius Wooden Statue

The confucius wooden statue vividly presents his majesty and wisdom. Confucius’ hair was neatly tied around his neck, demonstrating his solemnity and self-discipline. The long beard not only added to his wise image, but also highlighted the sedimentation of time.

In the sculpture, Confucius wears a warm smile, appearing friendly and friendly. This smile not only expresses his concern for humanity, but also symbolizes his faith in the ideal society.

Confucius placed his hands in front of his chest, a posture that highlighted his composure and confidence. Wearing ancient costumes, the delicate patterns showcase the sculptor’s ultimate pursuit of details. This not only emphasizes the noble position of Confucius as an outstanding thinker and educator, but also adds a historical artistic atmosphere to sculpture.

Size: 73cm

Confucius Wooden Statue

Who is Confucius?

Confucius (551-479 BC), named Qiu and styled Zhongni, was a great philosopher, educator, and founder of the Confucian school in ancient China. He is one of the founders of Chinese Confucianism and is revered as the “Great Sage” or simply referred to as the “sage”.

Confucius had a profound influence and became one of the cores of traditional Chinese culture. Confucianism, passed down and developed by later Confucian scholars, became the cornerstone of ancient Chinese society and education system, and had a profound impact on Chinese culture and society.

Confucius Wooden Statue

Why do people like to display Confucius sculptures?

Respecting Confucianism and its influence: Confucius is the founder of Chinese Confucianism, and his ideas have had a profound impact on Chinese culture. Placing Confucius sculptures can be seen as a respect for Confucian values and traditional culture, as well as an expression of admiration for Confucius’ wisdom and moral values.

Cultural Heritage and Educational Significance: Confucius was an outstanding educator in ancient China, and his contributions to education were widely recognized. Placing Confucius sculptures can symbolize the importance placed on education and also help to inherit Confucian educational concepts, inspiring future generations to pursue knowledge and morality.

Art and aesthetic value: Confucius sculptures are often known for their exquisite craftsmanship and delicate expression. People like to place such artworks in their homes or public places to showcase their appreciation of art and beauty, and also add a touch of elegance to the environment.

Symbolizing auspiciousness and blessings: Confucius sculptures have a solemn and sacred atmosphere, and some people believe that placing Confucius sculptures can bring auspiciousness, blessings, and peace. This symbolic significance makes sculptures a common decoration in places such as homes, offices, or schools.

Confucius Wooden Statue

Advantages of the Confucius Wooden Statue

As an exquisite decoration, it is suitable as an excellent gift for friends, loved ones, etc.

Exquisite workmanship, novel appearance, exquisite beauty, full of fashion and artistic atmosphere.

Lightweight, beautiful and exquisite, it is an excellent housewarming and entrepreneurial gift for family and friends.

Confucius Wooden Statue

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