Three Monkeys Figurines

Item No: MNKY-004
Size: 40*16*17cm
Material: bronze
Color: Same as Picture
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Three Monkeys Figurines

The three monkeys figurines shows three monkeys in this statue sit together in a row, and each monkey shows a unique posture and expression:

The monkey at the top covers its ears, symbolizing “do not listen unless you are polite”, indicating that you should not hear things that are not meant to be heard.

The monkey in the middle covers its eyes, symbolizing “do not look unless you are polite” and indicating not to see things that should not be seen.

The monkey at the bottom covers its mouth, symbolizing “not to say anything unless it’s impolite”, indicating not to say anything that shouldn’t be said.

Vivid carving about the three monkeys figurines

This bronze statue is exquisitely detailed, with each monkey’s facial expression, body posture, and hair texture carved to life. Sculptors use exquisite techniques to vividly depict the personality traits and emotional states of each monkey.

The monkey at the top has tightly closed ears and a focused face; The monkey in the middle has tightly closed eyes and a calm expression; The monkey at the bottom tightly closed its lips, seemingly suppressing its inner voice.

Self discipline and morality

The core concept of the “Three No Monkeys” statue is self-discipline and morality. It reminds people to maintain moral integrity in their daily lives and not be swayed by negative external influences. Through the images of these three monkeys, the statue conveys an ancient and wise philosophy of life, inspiring people to always maintain inner purity and firmness in the face of various temptations and troubles.

Size: 40*16*17cm

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