Art Deco Female Bust

Item No: BUST-057
Material: resin
Dimensions: 42*55*25cm 28*32*20cm
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Art Deco Female Bust

This art deco female bust holding flowers presents a fresh and picturesque scene. The girl’s fluffy hair was cleverly tied behind her head, presenting a natural and casual beauty. She held a bouquet of fresh flowers in her arms, which could be abundant tulips, gorgeous roses, or other colorful flowers, injecting vitality and vitality into the entire sculpture.

The girl’s expression may present a sense of tranquility and joy, as if immersed in the fragrance of flowers. The sculpture captured the moment when she was holding flowers, making the entire scene full of vitality. The girl’s posture is natural and elegant, showcasing the sculptor’s exquisite carving of character images.

This Woman Head Bust holding flowers is not only a decoration, but also a perfect representation of the beauty of nature and the vitality of life. Through the careful shaping of hair, bouquets, and teenage expressions, the sculpture brings viewers a fresh, peaceful, and warm visual experience, making them feel as if they are immersed in the atmosphere of flowers and youth.

Size: 42*55*25cm 28*32*20cm

art deco female bust

The usage of the Art Deco Female Bust:

Art Deco Female Bust can become a highlight and focal point of indoor space. Placed in areas such as the living room, bedroom, or study, it can add color to the entire space and showcase a modern and fashionable lifestyle attitude. Its abstract design and unique sense of lines give the space a unique artistic atmosphere.

Modern fashion women’s bust sculpture is a way to express personal taste and aesthetic pursuit. For individuals who value fashion, such sculptures become a part of interior decoration, showcasing the owner’s unique taste and injecting modern fashion elements into the space.

It can also serve as a decorative element for commercial venues. Placed in commercial spaces such as fashion brand stores, cafes, and fashion stores, such sculptures can effectively attract the attention of customers and convey the brand image and atmosphere related to fashion.

Modern fashionable women’s bust sculptures can also be exhibited in cultural venues such as art galleries and galleries. Its unique design and contemporary aesthetic features can arouse the audience’s thinking and appreciation of contemporary art and fashion.

art deco female bust0

art deco female bust

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