Black Iron Kettle

Item No: TEAP-002
Size: 12*18.5*15cm
Material:  Iron
Color: Same as Picture
Usage: tea drinking, suitable for home decoration, or placed in shop mall, office, or gift for friends and so on.

TEAP-002 , ,

Black Iron Kettle

The black iron kettle is an excellent handicraft that combines elegance and practicality, providing a unique treasure for tea ceremony enthusiasts and art collectors.

The body of the teapot adopts a black matte surface, presenting a noble and elegant texture. This frosted surface not only increases visual appeal, but also enhances the feel, making people feel like they are touching a smooth and warm stone. This black appearance gives the teapot a modern and fashionable feeling, which is more unique and original compared to traditional teapots.

The handle of the teapot is designed in antique copper color, which is simple and smooth, forming a sharp contrast with the black body of the teapot. This design not only provides convenient portability, but also enhances the overall aesthetic. The bronze handle complements the black body of the pot, creating a delicate visual balance.

size: 12*18.5*15cm

capacity: 1.5L

black iron kettle

The usage of the Black Iron Kettle

The craftsmanship of this teapot is exquisite, with every detail carefully crafted, making it an impeccable decoration. It is not only suitable for brewing tea, but can also be placed as a decoration in the living room or restaurant, adding a unique style to the space. This iron art teapot is a perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, and is sure to attract the attention of people with unique taste.

black iron kettle

How do cast iron kettles not rust?

The reason why cast iron teapots do not rust is mainly because they have undergone special treatment and manufacturing processes. During the manufacturing process, cast iron teapots are usually coated with a special glaze or glaze film, which can effectively prevent the iron surface from coming into direct contact with air and water, thereby preventing oxidation and rust.

In addition, the material of cast iron teapots is relatively sturdy and durable, and is not easily affected by external environments, so they can maintain a bright and rust free state for a long time.

black iron kettle black iron kettle

For you kind to know about black iron kettle:

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