Bunny Rabbit Home decor

Item No: RABT-062
Material: resin
Color: Same as Picture
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bunny rabbit home decor

This bunny rabbit home decor is an abstract artwork full of vitality and artistic sense. This sculpture presents a very unique image of a rabbit, which is eye-catching.

The rabbit sat on an apple, with a cute and playful figure. It held a balloon in its hand, as if celebrating joyfully. The image of the rabbit is very abstract, full of the designer’s unique creativity and imagination. The colors on the body are extremely brilliant, full of vitality, and also have a layer of metallic luster, making the entire sculpture more eye-catching.

Sculpture creates a joyful and unrestrained atmosphere through the use of shape and color. The abstract expression presented by the rabbit sculpture allows viewers to interpret the work based on their own associations and feelings. This abstract technique adds a layer of mystery to the artwork, guiding people to think and feel.

Modelbunny rabbit home decor
Coloras picture
Attributemodern, chrome, abstract


bunny rabbit home decor

bunny rabbit home decor

bunny rabbit home decor

The usage of the bunny rabbit home decor

Rabbit home sculptures can be used as indoor decorations and placed in home spaces such as living rooms, study rooms, or bedrooms, adding a sense of fun and art to the environment. Its unique design and vibrant colors can attract attention and become the focus of interior decoration, bringing a modern and fashionable atmosphere to the living room.

Rabbit sculptures are also commonly used as decorative elements in commercial venues. In hotels, cafes, shopping centers, and other places, these rabbits can become symbols that attract customers’ attention, enhancing the overall atmosphere and brand image of the venue. Its bright appearance often attracts the attention of young people.

Electroplated colorful rabbits statue can also become a part of public art and be placed on the streets, parks, or squares of cities. As art installations, they can inject vitality and creativity into the urban environment, and become popular attractions for citizens and tourists to appreciate and take photos.

bunny rabbit home decor

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1. The freight cost depend on the package size and weight of the statue. Please contact us confirm the freight cost before place an order.

2. We are manufacturer, customization is welcome. We will make the statue suitable for your environment.

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