Stainless Steel Large Kinetic Sculptures for Sale

Item No: SLST-001
Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: Life size
Professional packing: We take extra care in safely packing our fragile items to ensure safe delivery.
Leading time: Ready to ship
Service: Size and color can be done as requested, custom is available, 3D design and printing, door to door delivery, free taxes.

SLST-001 ,

Stainless Steel Large Kinetic Sculptures for Sale

Stainless steel large kinetic sculptures for sale is a modern art piece that combines artistic and physical principles. These sculptures not only have a unique aesthetic in their static state, but also produce dynamic effects under the influence of wind, bringing a sense of mechanical and modern technology to people. They are often placed in outdoor public spaces such as squares, parks, and commercial areas, becoming eye-catching visual focal points.

The core of these Garden Moving Sculptures is their clever design, which enables the wind to effectively drive the rotation of the sculptures. Usually, the structural design of sculptures includes blades, fan blades, or other components that can capture wind power.

When the wind passes through these components, it generates a driving force that causes the sculpture to rotate or swing. This design not only utilizes wind resources, but also endows the sculpture with vitality and dynamic beauty.

Dynamic sculpture not only focuses on technical parameters in design, but also emphasizes aesthetic effects. Designers incorporate geometric shapes, abstract patterns, and natural elements into sculpture through clever ideas and bold creativity, making it not only a mechanical device, but also a work of art.

Stainless Steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture Stainless Steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture Stainless Steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture Stainless Steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture Stainless Steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture

For you kind to know about large kinetic sculptures for sale:

  1.  The freight cost depends on the package size and weight of the statue. Please contact us confirm the freight cost before place an order.
  2.  We are manufacturer, customization is welcome.

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