Pop Mart Figurine

Item No: DISY-002
Size: 140cm high
Material: Fiberglass
Technology: Art-quality hand carved
Professional packing: We take extra care in safely packing our fragile items to ensure safe delivery.
Leading time: Ready to ship
Service: Size and color can be done as requested,custom is available, 3D design and printing, door to door delivery, free taxes.

1. Introduction of pop mart figurine

The pop mart figurine with version of Mickey and Minnie sculpture cleverly combines the three classic images of pop Mart, Mickey and Minnie to create a unique and charming picture. Bubble Mart wears Mickey’s iconic clothes, with arms spread out, showing a cheerful and friendly gesture, as if welcoming viewers to join this journey full of wonderful adventures.

Another part of the sculpture is a combination of Pop Mart and Minnie. This combination combines the fun of Pop Mart with the elegance of Minnie. This combination shows the creator’s ingenuity and presents the harmonious unity of two classic images in a unique way. The elements of Mickey and Minnie form a novel and unique visual effect under the creative design of Bubble Mart.

The sculpture allows viewers to appreciate this unique combination of Bubble Mart and Mickey and Minnie up close, and feel the creator’s unique conception and superb skills. The entire sculpture conveys a pleasant and creative atmosphere, bringing a pleasant artistic experience to the viewer.

This combined sculpture is not only an ingenious combination of three classic images, but also a vivid display of creativity and art, triggering people’s thinking about the integration of different elements.

Size: 140cm high

pop mart figurine

2. Who is the pop mart?

Pop Mart is renowned for promoting the development of designer toys and cultural and artistic products, collaborating with internationally renowned designers to launch a variety of limited edition, uniquely designed toys and collectibles. Their products are usually artistic and original, and are loved by art and trend culture enthusiasts.

Pop Mart also often hosts exhibitions and activities related to designer toys and trendy art to promote the development of this field and promote the internationalization of China’s local creative industries. Pop Mart’s products have a certain level of popularity in China and globally, and have achieved success in the collectible market.

pop mart figurine

3. The function of the pop mart figurine

  1. Artistic atmosphere: Pop Mart designer toys often have artistic qualities and can serve as an artistic decoration for indoor environments. These unique artworks can enhance the aesthetic sense of the interior and inject some unique cultural atmosphere into the space.
  2. Personalization: Pop Mart offers a wide range of products that cater to the interests and aesthetic preferences of different people. Choosing designer toys that match personal taste can make the space more personalized, reflecting the owner’s unique taste and interests.
  3. Trendy fashion: Pop Mart collaborates with internationally renowned designers, and their products often reflect contemporary trends and fashion trends. Placing these designer toys in the home environment can keep the space in sync with fashion trends.
  4. Attention point: Some products of Pop Mart may have eye-catching appearances and become the focus of attention in the room. These unique designs can attract people’s attention and make the space more interesting.
  5. Collection display: As Pop Mart’s products are usually designer toys and cultural and artistic collectibles, placing them in specific areas such as bookshelves, collection windows, or display shelves can showcase personal collections and become a topic of discussion.

pop mart figurine

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