The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

Item No: NUDE-050
Material: Brass
Dimensions: 30*27*15cm 7.3kg
Technology: Lost-Wax Casting Process
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Leading time: Ready to ship
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The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

This is the the sleeping lady sculpture. It presents a peaceful and sleeping scene, showcasing the elegance and natural beauty of women. In the sculpture, a woman sits on a stone with her arms wrapped around her bent knees, burying her head in the bend and sleeping on her side.

Her upper body was naked, emitting a gentle curve, while her lower body was draped in a blanket, revealing warmth and protection.

The woman’s posture reveals fatigue and relaxation, with her body gently bending and fully integrating into a comfortable sleep state. The facial expression is calm and peaceful, showing a carefree sleep state, as if immersed in a dream world. The Sleeping Woman Statue exudes a peaceful and sleeping atmosphere, giving people a sense of tranquility and tranquility.

Size: 30*27*15cm 7.3kg

The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

Application of Sculpture in Practical Scenes

The Sleeping Lady Statue is suitable for placement in living rooms, bedrooms and other home spaces, bringing a sense of tranquility to equally busy families with its peaceful atmosphere, making every corner of the home full of warmth.

As a gift to family and friends or for personal collection, it showcases a longing and inheritance for aesthetics and a peaceful atmosphere. Such a uniquely crafted gift is sure to evoke the power of tranquility and a beautiful vision.

The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

Emotional resonance and spiritual comfort

Watching Sleeping Beauty sculptures is not only a visual enjoyment, but also an emotional resonance and spiritual comfort.

When people appreciate this sculpture, they unconsciously associate it with their own living conditions and inner feelings, perhaps recalling the peaceful sleep they crave when tired, or feeling the inner strength and beautiful emotions exhibited by women.

This emotional resonance not only resonates with people, but also brings a kind of spiritual comfort and joy.

The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

High quality

The bronze material gives the sculpture an ancient and stable texture, enhancing the atmosphere of the women’s sleeping scene. The details of the sculpture are finely processed, making the woman’s body lines smooth and elegant.

The Sleeping Lady Sculpture The Sleeping Lady Sculpture The Sleeping Lady Sculpture

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