Stock Market Bull Statue for Sale

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Item number: BULL-001
Material: Brass
Size: H35cm, or customized according to your requirements
Technology: Lost Wax Casting Process
Usage: home decoration, gift for friends

Stock Market Bull Statue for Sale

  • Material: Bronze
  • Production process: lost wax casting method
  • Brand: Meizz Statue
  • Country/Region of Production: China
  • Creator: Anonymous Artist
  • Year of casting: 2015
  • Shape the shape to make the entire sculpture more stable.
  • Applicable scenarios: Suitable for placement in the living room, study room, office or bookstore to add an artistic atmosphere to the space.
  • Precise carving: Precise carving technology makes the sculpture lifelike and three-dimensional.
  • Care instructions: Carve the sculpture’s surface with a clean cloth to preserve its glass.
  • Product packaging: shockproof foam box + hard outer box
  • Safety: The stock market bull statue for sale has been strictly inspected and is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly.
  • Craftsmen: The most cutting-edge craftsmen have many years of production experience to ensure the quality of carvings.
  • Anti-rust performance: Bronze material has good anti-rust performance and can be used in outdoor environments.
  • Applicable people: Suitable for various groups of people and people with aesthetic preferences.
  • Note: Avoid contact with acid and alkali substances
  • Display environment: indoor dry, light-proof environment
  • Hor holiday gift: perfect for holiday special occasions

Stock market bull statue for sale available in 5 sizes for you to choose from.

  1. Size: 23.5*8*16 cm      Weight: 1.5 kg
  2. Size: 35*12*23 cm       Weight: 3.7kg
  3. Size: 42*12*28 cm      Weight: 5.6kg
  4. Size: 60.5*20*40 cm  Weight: 16kg
  5. Size: 96*31*59 cm      Weight: 45kg
  6. Other sizes can be made on request.

About stock market bull statue for sale

The stock market bull statue for sale is a symbol of strength and courage. Its head turns to the right, as if looking at a distant target. Its tail tilts upward, forming a graceful arc, and its four legs grip the ground, giving people a feeling of being ready to go.

The cow’s front hooves are raised, as if it is walking forward. The entire body is muscular and smooth, showing the strength and robustness of the cattle.


Secondly, the details of this cow sculpture are very fine. From the powerful limbs to the detailed fur, every part has been carefully polished and sculpted for the most realistic effect. In particular, its pair of large and powerful horns show the characteristics of a cow.


This cow sculpture is made of the precious material bronze. Bronze has good corrosion resistance and can be stored for a long time without damage. At the same time, the details and texture of the sculpture can be better displayed.


All in all, this bronze bull sculpture successfully demonstrates the power and momentum of the bull through its unique shape, exquisite craftsmanship, and appropriate background design. It is a beautiful work of art. This cow sculpture is of high value from both an artistic and cultural perspective.

Why choose our sculpture company?

  • Our sculpture company is an art company specializing in sculpture design, production and installation. Our team consists of experienced artists and engineers with superb skills and rich creative experience. Our products also include: Cow sculpture for sale, Picasso bull sculpture, Picasso abstract bull
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  • Residential community landscape: We provide personalized sculptures for villas, apartments and other residential communities to create a unique living atmosphere.
  • Campus culture construction: We provide creative sculptures for schools, universities and other educational institutions to stimulate students’ creativity and artistic interests.
  • Personal Collection: We offer custom sculptures to those who love art to meet their individual needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We select high-quality materials and strictly control every production link to ensure the quality and durability of the sculptures.
  • Affordable Prices: We provide the most cost-effective solutions based on our clients’ needs and budget.
  • Intimate service: From design to installation, we provide customers with a full range of services to ensure that the sculptures are perfectly presented. If you have sculpture needs, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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    1. ltoujague

      Really cool item. I’m going to enjoy having this in my den.

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