Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

Item No: ANIM-006
Size: 14.5 cm in height
Material: Brass
Color: Same as Picture or as requested
Technology: Lost-Wax Casting Process
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Leading time: Ready to ship
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Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

It is a bronze rhinoceros sculpture, a contemporary animal sculpture by Italian sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti depicting an Indian rhinoceros. It shows natural proportions and detailed surface design, Rhino is vivid and impressive.

The rhinoceros sculpture is brown in color and has a large and robust body. It is in a walking posture with a short and thick corner on its nose. Its eyes are small and beady, and its ears are pointed. Its skin is thick and rough, with many wrinkles and warts on it.

Size: 29*9*14.5 cm

Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

The artist Rembrandt Bugatti

Rembrandt Bugatti (1884 – 1916) was an Italian sculptor who specialized in animal depictions in his early days, creating more than 300 different animal sculptures in total during his short life. The Paris Zoo provided him with a lot of creative inspiration. Today, his authentic animal figurines are sought after and welcomed by many collectors.

Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

The usage of Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

This Rhino Statue is not only decorative, but can also showcase its unique charm in multiple places. You can place it in the living room of your home, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to the entire space. If placed on a TV cabinet, it can not only decorate the home, but also attract attention and become the focus of the room.

Placing this bronze rhinoceros sculpture on the porch or entrance can bring a warm visual experience to visitors. In the office, it can also inject a unique personality and artistic atmosphere into the workspace, adding a lot of color to the office environment.

As a delicate gift, this rhinoceros sculpture is an excellent choice for expressing emotions. Whether given to family, friends, or colleagues, its unique colors and perfect artistic effects will make the recipient feel your care and care.

This sculpture adopts a unique color combination, not only giving the rhinoceros sculpture a vivid appearance, but also showcasing the artist’s exquisite control over details. Its perfect artistic effect not only meets modern aesthetic needs, but also satisfies the pursuit of quality in art.

Such a rhinoceros sculpture is destined to become a unique scenery in homes or workplaces, allowing people to experience a profound artistic enjoyment while enjoying it.

Bronze Rhinoceros Sculpture

Meizz Sculpture Company specializes in providing a variety of rhinoceros sculptures, including resin, marble, bronze, wood and other materials to choose from. We also provide services such as small rhinoceros sculptures, real size rhinoceros sculptures, and customized large bronze sculptures to meet your different needs.

Rhinoceros Sculpture

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