Small Stone Buddha Statue

Item No: BUDA-122
Size: 30*20*12cm
Material: stone
Color: Same as Picture
Usage: suitable for home decoration, or placed in shop mall, office, or gift for friends and so on.


Small Stone Buddha Statue

This is the small stone buddha statue. The Buddha statue is presented in a cross legged sitting posture, sitting on a solid foundation, as if in deep meditation. This Buddha statue presents an ancient and elegant appearance through its natural stone veneer, exuding a calm and mysterious atmosphere.

The characteristics of Buddha statues are very simple, the Buddha’s face appears calm and solemn, with his eyes slightly closed, conveying inner peace. His hair and robe are depicted in stone carvings, highlighting the Indian cultural characteristics of the Buddha while also highlighting the ancient and solemn nature of this statue.

The robe of the Buddha statue is also simple and exquisite, representing the purity and humility of the Buddha, emphasizing inner reflection and the value of transcending the material world.

Size: 30*20*12cm

small stone buddha statue

Religious implications of Small Stone Buddha Statue

The small stone Buddha statue carries rich religious connotations, and with its unique image and profound connotation, it has become an immortal traditional treasure in the long river of history. In the teachings of Zen Buddhism, the Buddha is a model of the pursuit of liberation from worldly suffering and the wisdom of truth.

small stone buddha statue

Cultural inheritance

The stone Buddha statue not only reflects the inheritance and inheritance of ancient Buddhist culture, but also represents the spiritual power that has gathered the vicissitudes of time for hundreds of years. This Buddha statue, which is highly symbolic of generational inheritance, becomes more and more vivid as one examines and admires it.

small stone buddha statue

Prayer at home, everything goes smoothly

The small Buddha statue also has the function of praying for peace and good fortune in the home. Offering it in a residential space not only adds artistic elegance, but also brings good wishes and good fortune to the homeowners, making the family harmonious and career successful.

small stone buddha statue small stone buddha statue

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