Woolly Mammoth Sculpture

Item No: ELEF-046
Material: bronze
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ELEF-046 ,

Woolly Mammoth Sculpture

This is the bronze woolly mammoth sculpture. The appearance design of the mammoth sculpture is extremely meticulous, and the sculptor uses superb skills to present every detail truthfully. The body of the mammoth is large and sturdy, and the sculptor showcases its robust physique through accurate proportions and delicate lines. The long hair extends from the head to the limbs, and the delicate depiction makes the hair appear smooth and natural, as if one can feel its thickness and softness. The huge ivory curves out, showcasing both the majestic posture of the mammoth and highlighting its powerful survival ability.

Delicate detail expression

Every detail in the sculpture has been carefully designed to showcase the unique features of the mammoth. The long ivory has tiny textures and indentations, as if it records the traces of time. The depiction of hair is particularly meticulous, with each strand of hair coming to life and presenting a natural sense of fluidity. The muscle lines of the limbs and the details of the soles of the feet are also very well displayed, demonstrating the strength and stability of the mammoth during walking.

Symbolic significance and cultural connotations

Mammoth is not only a representative of prehistoric beasts, but also an important symbol in human culture. Their survival during the glacial era and their enormous size make them symbols of strength and resilience. This bronze mammoth sculpture, through meticulous depiction, not only reproduces the image of this prehistoric creature, but also conveys the cultural connotations they represent. The tenacity and adaptability of mammoths remind people to maintain resilience and intelligence when facing environmental changes.

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