Garden Bowl Water Feature

Item No: FOUN-025
Size: Diameter:100cm
Material: Sandstone
Color: Same as Picture
Usage: suitable for home decoration, or placed in shop mall, office, garden, or gift for friends and so on.

FOUN-025 ,

Garden Bowl Water Feature

This is the garden bowl water feature. This bowl is a modern style fountain, with a unique design that is breathtaking. The entire fountain is a dark black bowl shaped sculpture, with a smooth and delicate bowl body. The water slowly flows out of the center of the bowl and flows around. The sound of the water flowing like a piece of happy music.

This fountain presents the charm of modern art, simple and full of design sense, fully demonstrating the beautiful characteristics of marble materials. Whether in the daytime or at night, this fountain can bring people wonderful visual enjoyment and unlimited imagination space. It is not only a beautiful scenery line in the city, but also an ideal place for people to relax and experience artistic charm.

Size: 40*40*16 cm 50*50*20 cm  60*60*20 cm   70*70*22 cm   80*80*26 cm   90*90*30 cm  100*100*40 cm  120*120*46 cm

garden bowl water feature

modern art

The fountain presents the charm of modern art, simple and full of design sense, fully showcasing the beautiful characteristics of marble materials. Whether during the day or at night, its abstract design and smooth lines can bring a deep touch and beauty to people.

garden bowl water feature

Outdoor decoration

This modern style garden bowl shaped water feature is not only a beautiful decoration, but also the finishing touch of the outdoor space. Whether placed in gardens, courtyards, or terraces, it can add a sense of modernity and artistic atmosphere to the environment, allowing people to feel the beauty of modern life in the embrace of nature.

Natural fusion

Although designed in a modern style, this water feature seamlessly blends with the natural environment. The flow of water seems to be a part of nature, complementing the surrounding vegetation and landscape, presenting a harmonious and balanced beauty in the entire space, allowing people to feel the perfect combination of life and art.

garden bowl water feature

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