Lotus Tabletop Fountain

Item No: FOUN-011
Size: 27 cm in height
Material: Resin
Color: Same as Picture
Usage: suitable for home decoration, or placed in shop mall, office, or gift for friends and so on.
Leading time: Ready to ship
Service: Size and color can be done as requested,custom is available, 3D design and printing, door to door delivery, free taxes.

FOUN-011 , ,

Lotus tabletop fountain

This is the lotus tabletop fountain. This is an exquisite tabletop lotus fountain, which includes a leaf shaped pool and a lotus flower. A lotus leaf and a flower petal are placed in the pool, these two elements and the lotus constitute a natural and beautiful scene.

From the top lotus, the water slowly flows out, flowing down the curve of the petals, forming a beautiful flow. This water eventually falls into the pool, forming a vivid and harmonious scene that contrasts with the lotus leaves and petals.

The design inspiration for the entire lotus fountain comes from the lotus flowers in nature. It creates a unique atmosphere through the ingenious integration of flowing water and lotus elements, making people feel like they are in a lotus pond. This is not only an ornament, but also an emotional transmission and artistic expression.

Size: 33.5*23*27cm

lotus tabletop fountain

Decorative function

This lotus countertop fountain can not only serve as an indoor decoration, adding beauty to the space, but also bring peace and relaxation to people’s minds. Placed on the desktop, it can become a charming focal point, attract people’s attention, and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

lotus tabletop fountain

emotional resonance

Lotus symbolizes purity, holiness, and the beauty of life in Eastern culture. Therefore, this lotus fountain can also evoke people’s deep longing and wishes for a better life, allowing them to feel a hint of tranquility and hope in their busy lives.

lotus tabletop fountain

Artistic expression

The design inspiration for the entire Lotus Fountain comes from the lotus flowers in nature. Through the clever fusion of flowing water and lotus elements, a unique atmosphere is created, making people feel as if they are in a lotus pond. This is not only a decoration, but also a transmission of emotions and artistic expression.

lotus tabletop fountain

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  2.  We are statue factory, customization is welcome.

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