Buddha Hand Positions Meaning

Buddha Hand Positions Meaning

Do you know the buddha hand positions meaning? The handprint in Buddhist art, known as “Mudra,” is a striking and deeply symbolic form of expression in Buddhist statues. Each handprint symbolizes a specific wisdom and doctrine, and through different gestures, the teachings of the Buddha are conveyed. Among these handprints, there are some common ones, such as “Abhaya Mudra”, “Varada Mudra”, “Earth Witness Mudra”, “Dhyana Mudra”, and “Vitarka Mudra”, each with its unique connotation and spiritual significance.

1. Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya Mudra, means not to be afraid or feel at ease. This gesture involves raising the right hand perpendicular to the chest, palms facing outward, and fingers naturally extending;

In the process of our practice, in addition to external interference, even more severe challenges come from within. Therefore, Buddha uses his wisdom to eliminate inner fear for believers, giving fearlessness to all beings, and guiding them on the right path. This Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue represents the Buddha’s great compassionate wish to help sentient beings, which is said to make them feel at ease and fearless.

2. Varada Mudra

The Varada Mudra symbolizes fulfilling the wishes of all beings. This specific gesture is to naturally lower the left hand at a 15 degree angle to the body, with the palm facing outward, to fulfill the prayers of all beings. This Varada Mudra Buddha Statue carries the meaning of compassion. In addition to Shakyamuni Buddha, there are also Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Medicine Buddha who often bear this seal, to express compassion and generosity towards all beings. In stone Buddha statues, it is often combined with the seal of Shi Wuwei.

3. Earth Witness Mudra (Bhumisparsa Mudra)

The touch mark, also known as the demon subduing seal, is commonly seen on stone statues of Guanyin or Shakyamuni Buddha. Its meaning is to subdue demons and subdue demons. This gesture is to cross your feet, place your right hand naturally on your right knee, palm inward, and touch the ground with your fingertips;

According to legend, when Shakyamuni attained enlightenment, a demon king constantly came to disturb him in order to prevent his cultivation. Later, Shakyamuni used his right finger to touch the earth as evidence. It also symbolizes that the Yaksha Rakshasa and various external paths have been subdued one by one by the righteous Dharma.

So the Earth God came out to prove that Shakyamuni had already practiced Buddhism, which ultimately made the Demon King afraid and subdued. The stone carved Buddha statue worshipped with this gesture can ward off evil and avoid disasters, ensuring a safe and smooth life.

4. Dhyana Mudra

The Dhyana Mudra is mainly a gesture made by Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva during meditation, with palms facing upwards and folded together, her right hand on top, her left hand on the bottom, and her thumb touching; It is the Buddha’s most common hand print. The Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue is welcome for alter.

It is said that more than 2500 years ago, Prince Siddhartha ended six years of asceticism and ate milk Congee provided by a shepherdess. After that, he sat astride under a bodhi tree, formed a “seal of meditation” and sat up thinking. Seeing stars at night, he became enlightened and became a Buddha of supreme righteousness.

This gesture represents this Zen temple, and the stone Buddha statue enshrined in this gesture can make one’s mind calm and inner peace and ease.

5. Vitarka Mudra

Vitarka Mudra, Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue is a mudra formed by Buddha during his preaching of scriptures, symbolizing the meaning of speaking.

After becoming a Buddha, in order to help more people also realize and become Buddha, Buddha used this handprint when turning the Dharma wheel at the Deer Garden. Therefore, the saying seal is also known as the Dharma Wheel Seal. Twist the thumb with the middle or index finger, and naturally stretch the other three fingers;

Saying that the seal is one of the postures of a stone Buddha statue, twisted with the thumb and middle finger (or index finger, ring finger), and the other fingers naturally spread out. The stone Buddha statue made with this gesture can clear away inner troubles and make the body and mind pure and free.

Buddha hand positions meaning

Guiding inner cultivation: These handprints emphasize the importance of inner cultivation. Through meditation, compassion, and concentration, believers can lead to a profound inner world and achieve an understanding of truth.

Expressing compassion and wisdom: Handprints convey the message of Buddha’s compassion and wisdom. Different handprints reflect different levels of Buddhist wisdom, encouraging believers to gradually acquire this wisdom through practice and learning.

Motivating kindness and dedication: The Wishing Seal emphasizes compassion and generosity, while the Fearless Seal encourages courage to face difficulties. These fingerprints together inspire believers to do good, dedicate themselves, and selflessly.

Guiding towards the path of liberation: The Touchdown and Meditation Seals emphasize the path of truth and meditation, guiding believers towards the path of liberation. Through meditation and enlightenment, believers can break free from the burden of the world and achieve inner peace.


Buddha hand positions meaning are a unique and profound form of expression in Buddhist art, conveying the wisdom and teachings of the Buddha through gestures. The “Abhaya Mudra”, “Varada Mudra”, “Earth Witness Mudra”, “Dhyana Mudra”, and “Vitarka Mudra” are all symbolic dances of the Language of Wisdom. These handprints not only provide rich spiritual connotations for Buddhist beliefs, but also inspire believers to embark on the path of inner purification, pursuing wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment. In the fingerprints of Buddha statues, believers have found a guide to truth and a guide to practicing Buddhism.

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