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Adventures of Ding Ding Rocket Ship Sculpture

Introduction of rocket ship sculpture This is the rocket ship sculpture from the cartoon story figure Tintin. More than ten years before Armstrong landed on the moon, Belgian painter Herge created two stories, “Running to the Moon” and “Lunar Exploration” in 1953 and 1954, which made Tintin leave the first human footprint on the moon. […]

richard orlinski wild kong

Richard Orlinski Wild Kong

Introduction of Artist Richard Orlinski This is the popular richard orlinski wild kong. Richard Orlinski is a French sculptor and new visual pop artist. You may have seen Richard Orlinski’s works somewhere before. The colorful polyhedral beast statues are full of pop art style and impressive. From the giant “Wild Kong” orangutan statue on the […]

Elsa Sculpture

Introduction of Elsa This is the Elsa sculpture. Elsa is the heroine in the Disney animated film “Ice and Snow” and its derivative works. She is Anna’s sister, the eldest princess of Arendale Kingdom. Aisha is noble and elegant in appearance, cold as ice, and resistant to people, but she has been living in fear, […]

Cute Cow Sculpture

Cute Cow Sculpture

Fiberglass sculpture This is a very cute cow sculpture. Cartoon animal sculptures have always loved by children. Cartoon characters often appear on TV screens have started to move towards life. Some cartoon animal sculptures can seen on the roads and squares along the street. They are the cartoon images simulated from TV animation, and humorous […]

Floor Standing Giraffe Ornament

Introcuction of fiberglass sculpture The floor standing giraffe ornament made of fiberglass is eyecatching. The FRP sculpture is simple and generous, with clear edges and corners, a large color selection, and a more three-dimensional sense. FRP sculpture is an important element in urban sculpture, which can embellish the environment and add the finishing touch.Fiberglass sculptures […]

Kaws Sculpture Brooklyn

Introduction of Brian Donnelly Kaws Sculpture Brooklyn is popualr. Brian Donnelly (born November 4, 1974), known professionally as Kaws (stylized as KAWS), is an American artist and designer. His work includes repeated use of a cast of figurative characters and motifs, some dating back to the beginning of his career in the 1990s,[1] initially painted in 2D and later realized […]

Vastu Elephant Pair

Elephant Decor in Vastu: Direction & Placement Tips The Vastu Elephant Pair direction guidelines can help infuse positive and auspicious energy into your home or office. You can avoid placing this powerful symbol in the wrong place, when you understand the symbolism and meaning of elephant Vastu directions. What Elephant Vastu Direction Is for Good […]

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