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Malgorzata Chodakowska Sculpture

The impression of malgorzata chodakowska sculpture Malgorzata Chodakowska Sculpture are famous for her all kinds of attractive fountains. Beauty, harmony of shapes, and purity of water are all the elements that make the work of sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska magical, full of charm and elegance. The creativity of Malgorzata Chodakowska’s sculptures breaks people’s stereotypes about sculpture, […]

Vastu Elephant Pair

Elephant Decor in Vastu: Direction & Placement Tips The Vastu Elephant Pair direction guidelines can help infuse positive and auspicious energy into your home or office. You can avoid placing this powerful symbol in the wrong place, when you understand the symbolism and meaning of elephant Vastu directions. What Elephant Vastu Direction Is for Good […]

Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

The king of nature — the lion This is Life size bronze lion statue. Lions are large predators of carnivores, feline and leopards. It is a large refine living in Africa and Asia. There are obvious differences between male and female lions. The lion is known as the king of all animals in nature. It […]

France Bruno Catalano Sculpture

Bruno Catalano’s Traveler Sculpture These are France Bruno Catalano sculpture. Sculptor Bruno Catalano is best known for creating bronze sculptures of figures that are missing large numbers of parts and in which he explores themes of migration and travel. He is a very talented artist. He integrates his own style into sculpture creation. Each Catalano […]

Crouching Man Sculpture

Introduction of crouching man sculpture This is a bronze crouching man sculpture by Kevin Pettelle. It features a bald, nude man kneeling with his hands on the ground, in a crouch. He rests his head on his knees. He appears meditative. This statue has a gold patina and rests on a tall black pyramid-shaped base. […]

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