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Archangel Michael Garden Statue

This is the bronze Archangel Michael garden statue. In many European cities’ squares or museums, there are sculptures with historical or cultural significance. One of the most concerned sculptures is the sculpture depicting the battle between archangel St. Michael and Satan. It has a profound religious and cultural background. Next, we will discuss the historical […]

lion entrance statue

Lion Entrance Statue

Lion’s moral lion entrance statueGenerally, the lion is placed by public authorities or large enterprises. A pair of lions are usually placed on both sides of the gates of government, courts, banks and other departments. The lion mainly acts as a guardian. The lion has a very high position in Buddhism. It is one of […]

Famous Sculpture in The World

Famous Sculpture in The World

How many famous sculpture in the world do you know? Sculpture refers to the ornamental and commemorative objects carved and shaped for beautifying the city or for commemorative purposes, which have certain meanings, symbols or pictographs. Sculpture is a kind of plastic arts. Many sculptures and statues not only witness the history of mankind, but […]

Peacock Garden Sculpture

Peacock Garden Sculpture

The Moral of Peacock The peacock garden sculpture is very popular. In the West, peacocks are known as the warriors of snakes, and it is believed that the colorful feathers of peacocks show that they have the ability to turn snake venom into a rainbow in the sky. The peacock is the sacred bird of […]

Life Size Fiberglass Statues

Introduction of fiberglass material Life Size Fiberglass Statues is very common in our daliy life. Fiberglass sculpture is a finished type of sculpture. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost. FRP, also known as FRP, is scientifically called fiber reinforced plastic. It is a composite material composed of synthetic […]

michelangelo david florence

Michelangelo David Florence

Museum Artifacts Introduction – Michelangelo’s “David” Michelangelo david florence is famous. “David” is a marble sculpture created by the Italian sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti from 1501 to 1504. It is now in the collection of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. This sculpture is a marble statue with a height of 3.96 meters and […]

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