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Ancient Chinese Cauldron

Ancient Chinese Cauldron

Introduction of ancient chinese cauldron The ancient chinese cauldron is called Ding. Ding, a cooking utensil in ancient China, mainly made of bronze or pottery. As early as the Neolithic Age, Chinese ancestors began to use pottery tripods. In the age of combining gold and stone, bronze tripods began to appear. After the development of […]


Adventures of Ding Ding Rocket Ship Sculpture

Introduction of rocket ship sculpture This is the rocket ship sculpture from the cartoon story figure Tintin. More than ten years before Armstrong landed on the moon, Belgian painter Herge created two stories, “Running to the Moon” and “Lunar Exploration” in 1953 and 1954, which made Tintin leave the first human footprint on the moon. […]

richard orlinski wild kong

Richard Orlinski Wild Kong

Introduction of Artist Richard Orlinski This is the popular richard orlinski wild kong. Richard Orlinski is a French sculptor and new visual pop artist. You may have seen Richard Orlinski’s works somewhere before. The colorful polyhedral beast statues are full of pop art style and impressive. From the giant “Wild Kong” orangutan statue on the […]

Elsa Sculpture

Introduction of Elsa This is the Elsa sculpture. Elsa is the heroine in the Disney animated film “Ice and Snow” and its derivative works. She is Anna’s sister, the eldest princess of Arendale Kingdom. Aisha is noble and elegant in appearance, cold as ice, and resistant to people, but she has been living in fear, […]

alberto giacometti sculptures

Alberto Giacometti Sculptures

The introduction of sculptor Alberto Giacometti Alberto Giacometti sculptures marked his era and inspired hundreds of artists with his unique and profound style. The artist committed to the symbolic form of reality, rather than trying to faithfully reproduce nature. Giacometti (Alberto, 1901~1966), a Swiss surreal and existential sculptor and painter, was born in Bonio on […]

lion entrance statue

Lion Entrance Statue

Lion’s moral lion entrance statueGenerally, the lion is placed by public authorities or large enterprises. A pair of lions are usually placed on both sides of the gates of government, courts, banks and other departments. The lion mainly acts as a guardian. The lion has a very high position in Buddhism. It is one of […]

Famous Sculpture in The World

Famous Sculpture in The World

How many famous sculpture in the world do you know? Sculpture refers to the ornamental and commemorative objects carved and shaped for beautifying the city or for commemorative purposes, which have certain meanings, symbols or pictographs. Sculpture is a kind of plastic arts. Many sculptures and statues not only witness the history of mankind, but […]

Garden Landscape Statues

Garden Landscape Statues

Features of stainless steel sculpture Most of the garden landscape statues are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel sculpture has a long life and is durable. Stainless steel itself has high strength, high hardness, is not easy to pitting, rust, wear, low maintenance costs. The quality of stainless steel is not only heat-resistant, high […]

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