Kaws Life Size Statue

Kaws Life Size Statue

In the wave of contemporary art, the works of KAWS (Brian Downey) are undoubtedly one of the eye-catching focuses. One of his iconic works is the kaws life size statue “Along the Way”. This work deeply touches the heartstrings of countless viewers with its concise form and profound connotation. This article will lead readers into the world behind this statue, revealing its design characteristics, symbolic significance, and artistic value.

The original along the way kaws

The statue of KAWS has been created based on the artist’s 18 foot woodcut version from 2013. Originally exhibited at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York. This statue presents KAWS’s iconic companion character in a unique posture. The design features two companions relying on each other, expressing emotional support, heavy hands, and eyes facing downwards.

Two years later, KAWS enlarged the work and installed an 18 foot tall wooden version of “Along the Way” in the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum, which the museum also acquired as a permanent collection. The large version of this statue is still on display at the Amsterdam National Museum, Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK, the Youz Museum in Shanghai, and the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art in Texas.

Kaws Along The Way Figure

Design features

The design feature of the Kaws Along The Way Figure lies in its minimalist form and the emotional support it expresses. The postures of two companions are interdependent and show a deep emotional bond with each other. Their hands drooped heavily, seemingly bearing endless emotional weight, while their eyes looked down, revealing inner contemplation and confusion. This posture is not only a form of styling, but also a profound exploration of interpersonal relationships and emotional communication.

symbolic meaning

In the “Along the Way” statue, viewers can see more of an exploration and resonance of human nature. The posture of these two companions is not only a simple portrait, but also a symbol of emotions, companionship, and support. Their interdependence echoes the human desire for emotional dependence, while heavy hands symbolize the various burdens and challenges in life. The downward gaze may express concerns about the future and reflections on the past. Therefore, this statue is not only a work of art, but also a projection and resonance of emotions.

Classic color of kaws life size statue

KAWS life size statue come in classic black, brown, gray, and a wooden board, each presenting a unique charm. They are not only works of art, but also symbols of a way of life. Approaching these statues, we seem to have come closer to the intersection of art and life, feeling a deep inner resonance.

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