15 Strange Sculptures from Around The World

Strange Sculptures

On the streets around the world, eye-catching and strange sculptures can often be seen. These sculptures may be the whims of artists, or they may have been created to highlight the unique style of the city. Whether it is the strange and abstract forms, or the lifelike biological shapes, they stand out in the hustle and bustle of the city and have become a unique landscape in people’s eyes.

1. Čůrající postavy Urine in Prague, Czech Republic

This strange sculptures is located in a small town area of Prague and is called “Little Urine”( Čůrající postavy, created in 2004. Designed by David Cerny, it represents two men urinating in a Czech Republic shaped basin. The idea behind this sculpture is very simple and straightforward, but its politically incorrect nature has sparked some controversy.

Two uniquely shaped bronze sculptors stood in a basin, appearing lifelike during urination, as if their actions were real. The sculpture is controlled by an electric motor, causing the upper part of the body to sway slightly and the genitals to sway up and down, adding a realistic feeling. Tourists can even send text messages to the number next to the sculpture through their mobile phones, and the sculpture will “write” the message content, giving people a sense of interaction and participation.

strange sculptures

2. The Puking Fountains of London

The Puking Fountains of London is a series of unique sculptures located in the center of London. These sculptures were created by British artist Tony Cragg in 2011, and they are not ordinary fountains that you are familiar with. On the contrary, they depict a huge head that looks like a person vomiting. This image is highly dramatic and sharply satirizes contemporary consumerism and excessive consumption. The intricate design details of these sculptures make the entire work look vivid and realistic. They are located in the bustling center of London, in stark contrast to the surrounding buildings and landscapes, making them one of the eye-catching landmarks in the city.

strange sculptures

3. Würsa 18000Km From Earth (France)

Würsa 18000Km From Earth is a sculpture located outside the Earth’s surface, showcasing the peculiar scene of an elephant named W ü rsa maintaining balance outside the Earth. This imaginative work originated from the theory of physicist Daniel Firman, who believed that the elephant W ü rsa could maintain balance with its nose at a distance of 18000 kilometers from Earth. Through this sculpture, the artist attempts to challenge and reinterpret our understanding of the laws of physics, presenting a surreal visual and intellectual impact. This work has sparked people’s reflection on the laws of nature and the mysteries of the universe, becoming a wonderful embodiment of the integration of art and science.

strange sculptures

4. Traffic Light Tree (London, UK)

The Traffic Light Tree is a unique sculpture located in London, UK. This sculpture was designed by Pierre Vivant and consists of 75 sets of traffic lights, imitating the structure of trees and reflecting the energy in the development of the Canary Wharf area. This sculpture has attracted the attention of many tourists with its unique design and innovative concepts. It is not only an artwork, but also a unique interpretation of urban development and transportation systems, becoming one of London’s iconic landscapes.

strange sculptures

5.Upside Down Charles La Trobe Statue (Australia)

There is a strange sculpture called “The Inverted Charles La Trobe Statue” located at the University of La Trobe Bondola in Melbourne, Australia. This statue is presented in a unique and exaggerated way, showing that the head of the Charles La Trobe statue is mounted on an upside down body. This unique design has aroused people’s curiosity and interest, becoming a unique landscape on campus. This statue subverts traditional sculpture forms, explores the boundaries of art, and triggers viewers to think about imagination and creativity.

strange sculptures

6. Skull on human body, Prague, Czech Republic

This strange sculpture is located in Prague, Czech Republic, with the theme of a human skull. It is said that its design inspiration comes from Kafka’s novels, showcasing a mysterious yet slightly eerie atmosphere. This sculpture has attracted the attention of many art and literature enthusiasts with its unique shape and profound connotation.

strange sculptures

7. Device to Root Out Evil (Calgary, Canada)

The Device to Root Out Evil is a unique sculpture located in Calgary, Canada. This sculpture was created by American artist Dennis Oppenheim and was completed in 1997. It is depicted as an inverted church, symbolizing the victory and elimination of evil. This design is very eye-catching, exploring the relationship between human nature and morality by subverting traditional architectural forms. This sculpture is not only an expression of art, but also a challenge and reflection on social and cultural concepts, becoming an important landmark and artwork in Calgary.

strange sculptures

8. Traveler Sculpture in France

The Traveller Bronze Statue is a sculpture located on the streets of France. This sculpture portrays the image of a traveler carrying a backpack, whose notable feature is the incomplete body block. Each statue’s body has a part that seems to have been erased, not only creating an indistinct effect like a bustling crowd, but also leaving a lot of room for imagination for the audience as if it had just emerged from a time tunnel.

strange sculptures

9. Strange Sculptures ‘Planet’ Singapore

“Planet” is a strange sculptures in Singapore that showcases a giant baby floating in the center of Singapore’s natural park. This sculpture is famous for its exaggerated and eye-catching images, giving people a sense of fantasy and mystery. This huge baby image is full of innocence and innocence, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding natural landscape, triggering people’s thinking about the relationship between nature and humanity. This sculpture is not only impressive, but also a symbol of dialogue and integration between the city and nature, becoming an iconic landscape of Singapore’s natural parks.

strange sculptures

10. Rock sculpture at Cairo Airport

The rock sculpture at Cairo Airport is a unique artwork that showcases a highly imaginative and visually impactful scene. This sculpture presents two stones, one hanging above a rope and the other hanging below. The two stones are connected by ropes, forming a hanging structure with an upper and lower structure. This design is both simple and captivating, giving people a sense of suspense and surprise. This strange sculptures showcases the artist’s creativity and skills through the challenge of gravity and balance, while also triggering people’s thinking and exploration of physical laws and natural phenomena.

strange sculptures

11. King Wenceslas Riding on a Dead Horse Prague in Czech Republic

“Wenceslas Riding on a Dead Horse” is a sculpture located in Prague, Czech Republic, depicting Saint Vatslav riding on an upside down dead horse. This strange sculptures was created in 1999 by artist David Č Ern ý Production. The theme of this sculpture is full of satire, symbolizing reflection and challenge on historical legends. Saint Vatslav is the legendary patron saint of the Czech Republic, but this sculpture is presented in a way that subverts tradition, sparking people’s thinking about power, mythology, and cultural symbols. As a famous landmark in Prague, this sculpture has attracted many tourists to come and admire, and has sparked extensive discussion and interpretation.

strange sculptures

12. Disturbing Ballerina Man (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The disturbing ballet man is a striking sculpture located in Los Angeles, California, USA. This sculpture depicts a male body, but he is dressed in the attire of a ballet dancer, presenting a unique and peculiar image. This design has aroused people’s curiosity and imagination, while also challenging traditional gender and role stereotypes. Through this sculpture, the artist attempts to explore the relationship between gender, identity, and social expectations, triggering people’s thoughts on self-identity and gender equality.

strange sculptures

13. Skeletons In Love (Nong Khai, N.E. Thailand)

Located in the northeast of Thailand, there is a striking sculpture called “Skeleton Couple” in Langkai Prefecture. This sculpture is known for its strange image, depicting two skeletal figures holding hands and cuddling with each other, as if expressing eternal love. This sculpture symbolizes the power of love to transcend life and death, presenting a romantic and unusual scene that is thought-provoking.

strange sculptures

14. Crocodiles Eating Capitalists, Brooklyn, New York, USA

In Brooklyn, New York, there is a unique sculpture called “The Crocodile Eating Capitalists.”. This sculpture depicts the image of a crocodile swallowing a person with its huge mouth, whose head is shaped like a money bag. This sculpture conveys satire and reflection on wealth and power through exaggerated and humorous imagery. It symbolizes criticism of social inequality and wealth distribution, triggering profound reflections on money, power, and social justice.

strange sculptures

15. Giant Tap (Tecnopark Wintertur, Switzerland)

The Giant Tap in the Tecnopark Wintertur in Switzerland is a uniquely crafted sculpture. Surprisingly, this huge faucet appears to be pouring water from the air, as if it has extracted water from the air. The giant faucet showcases the wonderful combination of humanity and technology, allowing the audience to experience the infinite charm and creativity of modern art.

strange sculptures

These imaginative and strange sculptures, through their superb artistic skills and rich creativity, reveal to us a world full of magic and beauty. In these sculptures, we witness how artists integrate seemingly ordinary elements of life into extraordinary talents, inspiring people’s ability to examine reality and think about life. Whether it’s the mysterious suspended faucet or the fun filled drainage hole sculpture, they have allowed us to rediscover the power of street art, prompting us to deeply appreciate the beauty of life and expand infinite imaginative space. I hope these unique sculptures can inspire people’s enthusiasm for life and add more colors and joy to our daily lives.

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