The Four Types of Buddha Dress

Buddha Dress


In Buddhist art, the Buddha dress is a symbolic decoration that not only reflects cultural traditions, but also conveys profound religious concepts. There are various design styles of cassocks, among which the four main styles are shoulder-length style, right-shoulder-baring style, robe-belt style and double-collar drooping style. By deeply analyzing these cassock styles, we can better understand the historical, cultural and spiritual connotations of Buddhism.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Robe: a symbol of solemnity and clarity

The shoulder-length cassock is the most classic and common design. It is characterized by two pieces of fabric connected through the shoulders to form a smooth shoulder structure. This cassock style represents the dominant tradition in Theravada Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism). The shoulder-length cassock displays a solemn sense of ceremony through simple and coherent lines. The intersection of the shoulders symbolizes the interconnection between all living beings and the Buddha, symbolizing the practitioner’s devotion to orthodox beliefs.

Bared Right Shoulder Robe: an expression of simplicity and concentration

The right-shouldered cassock adopts a unique design in which one shoulder is exposed and the other side is covered with cloth. The design highlights specific Buddhist images, such as Gautama Buddha in meditation. The right shoulder pose conveys an atmosphere of simplicity, concentration and meditation. The bare right shoulder symbolizes truth and purity, emphasizing the importance of inner peace and focus.

Robe with Ornate Belt and Wide Skirt: Magnificent Mahayana Buddhist Style

The Robe with ornate belt and wide skirt has a unique design with a wider skirt and a wide band connecting the two ends. This design is more common in Mahayana Buddhism (Northern Buddhism) and represents grandeur and rich teachings. Through its gorgeous design, the robe-style cassock emphasizes the symbol of wisdom and compassion and shows the grand atmosphere of Mahayana Buddhism. Every decoration on the robe seems to tell the profound connotation of Buddhism.

Robe with Dual Hanging Collars: the Buddhist spirit of freedom and tolerance

The double-collar dropped cassock is a dignified and loose style, with the neckline drooping on both sides to form an elegant curve. This design is often found in different Buddhist traditions and represents the ideas of freedom and tolerance. The double-collared cassock conveys the Buddhist spirit of freedom and tolerance beyond the world through its loose design. The width of the cassock and the drooping neckline form a harmonious proportion, symbolizing the Buddha’s broad compassion and tolerance for all living beings.


The styles of Bronze Buddha Statue and Buddha dress are diverse, each reflecting the cultural characteristics of different Buddhist traditions and periods. Through in-depth understanding of the four main styles of the open shoulder style, the right shoulder style, the flattering belt style and the double collar drooping style, we can feel the breadth and depth of Buddhism and appreciate the unique understanding of different traditions on practice and belief. Every type of robe is a profound work of art, playing an irreplaceable role in Buddhist culture, conveying the Buddhist spirit of wisdom, compassion, and tranquility to believers. Our meizz sculpture company can supply all kind of buddha statues, please contact us for more details.

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