Best Laughing Buddha for Money

Best Laughing Buddha for Money

Maitreya Buddha, also known as Laughing Buddha, is widely loved worldwide for its image of laughing and symbolizing wealth, happiness, and good luck. In feng shui and cultural beliefs, placing Maitreya Buddha at home or in the workplace is believed to bring wealth and good luck. So, do you know which is best laughing Buddha for money? The following is a detailed explanation of different types of Laughing Buddha and how to choose the one that suits you.

The Origin and Symbolic Significance of Laughing Buddha

  1. The Origin of Laughing Buddha

Maitreya Buddha was originally the future Buddha in Buddhism, and he will become the Buddha of the future world after Shakyamuni Buddha. However, in Chinese culture, Maitreya Buddha is often depicted as a burly and smiling figure, which originated from the bag monks of the Five Dynasties period. He often holds a cloth bag, does good deeds and accumulates virtue, and is ultimately revered by people as the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha.

  1. The symbolic significance of Laughing Buddha

The image of Laughing Buddha conveys the concepts of laughter, tolerance, and happiness. His large belly is capable of accommodating, indicating his tolerance for all things in the world; His smile symbolizes carefree and happiness. In addition, Laughing Buddha is also considered to have the function of attracting wealth and praying for good luck, so it is widely worshipped in many households and commercial places.

Different types of Laughing Buddhas and their Money Attraction Effects

  1. Laughing Buddha holding a gold ingot

The smiling Buddha holding a golden ingot symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The gold ingots in his hand are symbols of ancient wealth. Placing this kind of smiling Buddha at home or in the office, especially in financial positions (such as the upper left corner of the living room or the northeast corner of the office), is said to attract wealth and good luck.

  1. Laughing Buddha carrying a golden bag

Laughing Buddha carries a large golden bag, symbolizing the accumulation of wealth and endless sources of wealth. This kind of smiling Buddha is often used to pray for business prosperity and wealth growth. The treasure in the golden bag not only symbolizes the wealth in front of us, but also symbolizes future prosperity.

  1. Laughing Buddha Holding a Ruyi

Ruyi is a symbol of auspiciousness and smoothness, and holding a smiling Buddha with Ruyi represents everything going smoothly and achieving one’s dreams. Placing this kind of smiling Buddha at home can bring harmony, happiness, and smooth career to the family.

  1. Laughing Buddha on the Golden Treasure or Holding Golden Treasure

This laughing buddha for money is depicted standing on or holding a pile of gold ingots, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. It not only represents the gathering of wealth, but also symbolizes stability and lasting prosperity.

  1. Laughing Buddha carrying gourds

Gourd is believed to have the function of warding off evil and avoiding disasters, as well as attracting wealth and blessings in feng shui. A smiling Buddha carrying gourds can bring health and longevity, as well as pray for good fortune.

How to choose a suitable Laughing Buddha

  1. Choose according to personal needs

When choosing Laughing Buddha, the first thing to consider is your specific needs. If the main purpose is to attract wealth and treasures, you can choose Laughing Buddha who holds gold ingots or gold bags; If you want a harmonious family, you can choose to hold the smiling Buddha who is as you wish; If you need to ward off evil and avoid disasters, as well as attract wealth and blessings, you can choose the Laughing Buddha who carries gourds.

  1. Choose according to the placement position

Different types of smiling Buddhas are suitable for placement in different positions. A smiling Buddha holding a golden ingot is suitable for placing in a financial position, a smiling Buddha with a golden bag is suitable for placing in a prominent position in the office, a smiling Buddha with a gourd can be placed in the living room or bedroom, and a smiling Buddha carrying a gourd is suitable for placing at the door or foyer to ward off evil and avoid disasters.

  1. Select according to material

Laughing Buddha has different materials, including metal, ceramics, wood carving, etc. Metal smiling Buddha is usually more magnificent and suitable for placement in offices or shops, ceramic smiling Buddha appears warm and suitable for home placement, and wooden carved smiling Buddha is simple and natural, suitable for people who like natural styles.

Placement and Maintenance of Laughing Buddha

  1. Placement of Laughing Buddha

Suitable location: best laughing buddha for money should be placed in a prominent position in the home, living room, or office. Avoid placing it in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

Facing direction: It is best for Laughing Buddha to face the door, so as to welcome good luck and financial luck entering from outside. If placed in the office, facing your desk can also bring good luck in your career.

Moderate height: Laughing Buddha should not be placed too high or too low. It is best to place it at the height of the line of sight, which is convenient for viewing and can also express respect for the Buddha statue.

  1. Maintenance of Laughing Buddha

Regular cleaning: Gently wipe the Laughing Buddha with a clean cloth regularly to keep it clean and tidy, as a sign of respect for the Buddha statue.

Avoid direct sunlight: Laughing Buddha should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time to avoid material damage or fading.

Keep the environment clean: The area around Laughing Buddha should be kept clean and tidy, and no debris should be piled up, so as to better play its role in attracting wealth.


Laughing Buddha is not only an important symbol of Buddhist culture, but also an important token for people to pray for happiness and wealth. Choosing the right Laughing Buddha and placing it in the right position can bring good luck and wealth to your family and career. When selecting and placing Happy Buddha Figurine, it is necessary to consider one’s own needs, placement, and material of the Buddha statue, and pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to fully leverage the wealth attracting effect of Laughing Buddha.

In short, whether for reasons of faith, culture, or feng shui, placing a smiling Buddha can bring positive psychological suggestions and beautiful wishes to people. I hope this article can help you choose a suitablebest laughing buddha for money, bringing more wealth and happiness to your life.

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