The 18 best KAWS Figures

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As one of the hottest artists today, KAWS’s works have long surpassed the limitations of traditional material media and become an aesthetic spectator for artists in the interweaving with popular culture under the wave of modernization.

Born in 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, living and working in New York, USA. Brian Donnelly has been creating art under the name “KAWS” since the mid-1990s. He began to use his own dynamic graffiti label “KAWS”, with the painted letters alternating with each other. Of course, the symbolism of his works is not profound; Here, Donally chose the letters because he liked their appearance. Along the way, he has become a heavyweight figure in the market, loved by street art enthusiasts and collectors.

Dolls are an indispensable part of Kaws’s creations. I often see familiar cartoon characters in Kaws’ design elements, and Kaws always manages to transform them into something else, full of childlike charm and humor. Kaws also wants to present his childhood in his creations in this way. Here are the 18 best kaws figures:

1. The 18 best KAWS Figures of Companion

Companion was founded in 1999 and was the first toy designed by KAWS, as well as the first 3D object created by an artist. This figurine features a Mickey Mouse body, equipped with gloves, shorts, and clown like shoes; For this borrowed (Mickey) well-known image, KAWS added his own now clear and infallible imprint – an inflatable skull and “XX” eyes. KAWS’s role is a reference to visual culture, showcasing his rich creativity and impressive ability to adapt to world-renowned pop culture idols, making them his own unique creations and paying tribute to the style of today’s society.

2. 2002 Accomplice

KAWS (b. 1974) was launched in 2002 Accomplice, this trendy toy has launched a total of colors – pink and black; This image is also a representative image of KAWS’s core price comparison. The creativity lies in using Accomplice to wear rabbit clothing, inspired by the rabbit girl.

3. The 18 best KAWS Figures of 2003 KAWS Bendy

Bendy, who has a slender body, has launched 6 different colors, which was quite popular in the early stages of KAWS, especially in the re creation of street commercial posters.

4. 2003 KAWS x Be@rbrick

In 2003, Kaws teamed up with Medicom Toy to launch two sizes: 100%, 400%, and 1000%, respectively Be@rbrick There are a total of 500, with a bidding price of up to $2000-2500 for Size1000%! In all Be@rbrick Among them, Chomper’s image should be the most well-known, after all, it is too popular in the toy market.

In addition to the gray version, there is also a blue version, both products are available in the Be@rbrick Graffiti creation based on the body, although the body is Be@rbrick However, Kaws’s unique recognition ability of XX eyes is also the core expression of facial features.

5. The 18 best KAWS Figures of 2003 Chum

Chum is also a “companion” born in the same year. At that time, he withdrew from the partnership with Michelin, whose prototype was Mr. Michelin’s Bibendam, and his head was replaced with the classic Companion’s head. Later, multiple color schemes were released. KAWS has been increasingly showcasing his works in galleries and museums over the past decade; Some of his most famous images are reimagined versions of popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Michelin Man.

6. 2004 KAWS Five Years Later Company

The first Companion number released by KAWS (five years later) in 1999 depicts a slim legged, Mickey Mouse like body with an artist’s signed skull and crossbones, a stylized representation with X-ed eyes. In 2004, the companion returned to the version five years later. Made in a more realistic and less cartoonish proportions, these versions use the same three color schemes – brown, black, and gray. And again, each limit is 500 pieces.

7. 2005 kaws xNexusvii wooden version Be@rbrick

In 2005, Nexusvii launched a wooden version of the Be@rbrick Like all his characters, KAWS used his iconic X to mark Wood Bearbrick instead of his eyes. Size is 400%, limited to 500 units, priced at $9500. woodiness Be@rbrick The wood used is from the old Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer KARIMOKU, and the iconic “X” of KAWS is laser carved on both eyes. Due to its rare quantity, it has attracted many collectors to collect it. It is one of the must-have dolls for professional collectors. We also collaborated once in 2007, but the wood grain was different.

8. 2006 Dissected Companion

Produced by Medicom Toy and OriginalFake, this gray box is made of Tokyo cream colored molded plastic with silver foil lettering. To celebrate the birth of the Kaws brand OriginalFake, we have specially launched the Dissected Companion in three colors: brown, gray white, and black. Each color is only available in 500 pieces, with a height of approximately 38cm. The bidding price is $7000 per piece. Don’t be fooled by the fact that every doll has XX eyes that are dizzy and disoriented. After dissecting, it is discovered that behind XX lies a pair of bright eyes. Not only do they have insight into the world, but each of them also has a heart and lungs. Kaws Dissected Statue is truly a company that can be compared to your “gallbladder and liver”!

9. 2007 STAR WARS Star Wars Black Knights

In 2007, Original Fake was exclusively released in Japan, limited to 1000 units, priced at $4000, with a height of approximately 25cm. Darth Vader Kaws prototype is Darth Vader, one of the top villains in Star Wars. Some people may think that one of the most popular toys in memory recently has implemented many details and ideas in the creation of toys, such as clothing and chest control panels.

10. 2009 Kaws x Hajime Sorayama – Mechanical Edition

Kaws No Future Companion (made of silver chromium alloy) is a collaboration between Kaws x Hajime Sorayama, a metal plated plastic. It instrumentalizes the Companion and gives it the feeling of a future warrior. Mr. Konoyama, who excels in creating women’s sexy bodies, not only uses a spray gun to fully express the lines and colors of his body, but his classic mechanical female body series is also a masterpiece in his works.

11. 2011- Kaws X Robert Lazzarini

This collaboration is with New York visual artist Robert Lazzarini, whose design style is known for its “twisted and deformed” design. Many people who have seen Robert Lazzarini’s works express that they cannot believe their own eyes.

The companion series for this collaboration – Distorted COMPANION. Robert’s consistent style is to distort objects and combine them with KAWS’s classic companion designs, with various forms, as if dancing and dodging in a different dimensional world, full of fun.

The 18 best KAWS Figures

12. 2011- Kaws and Star Wars jointly launch Stormtrooper White Soldier figurines

Kaws and Star Wars jointly launched Stormtrooper White Soldier dolls, with a limited edition of 1000 worldwide. With the Black Knight, of course there must be White Soldiers! If fans like the Star Wars character Stormtrooper, then the theme figurine modified by the Companion, Kaws, is naturally worth looking forward to; From a design perspective, the packaging box with diamond edges also adds a strong mechanical feel.

13. The 18 best KAWS Figures 2012 Kaws x Astro Boy

Iron Arm Astro Boy was the core character of the Tezuka Osamu manga series published in Japan in the 1950s and 1960s. Usually portrayed in various heroic poses, comic heroes here become a pitiful figure, bald and ashamed to bend over.

When KAWS encountered Astro Boy in Tezuka Osamu’s pen, both sides sparked a very cute spark! This pair of ASTRO BOY KAWS version works is based on the familiar Japanese classic anime character Astro Boy. KAWS adds iconic bones, forked eyes, and marks on gloves and feet. The shy expression adds a touch of humor, making Kaws Astro Boy Vinyl Figure a must-have collection!

14. 2013-KAWS X Lucas Films Boba Fett Bounty Hunter

With White Soldiers and Black Samurai, of course, you have to have the most ferocious bounty hunter character in the universe, Kaws Boba Fett Companion, from the classic Star Wars movie! The final collection before the death of OriginalFake is exclusively sold in OriginalFake Japan, with a limited quantity of 400 units, approximately 26cm in size, each priced at $3500.

15. 2012 companion resting place

KAWS “Companion (Rest Area)” – Perhaps Companion is “tired” and needs to sit down and rest for a while? In the same year, KAWS announced the closure of the Original Fake brand and focused on his artistic creations. Companion’s “dad” is tired. KAWS Companion Anatomy (Rest Area) is based on the classic version of the KAWS Companion series, presenting a sitting and resting posture. The height of the work is about 23 centimeters, and due to the forward extension of the arms and legs, the volume of this series of “companions” appears larger.

At the same time, KAWS pays close attention to details, which can be seen in the extinction effect of the non anatomical half of the body, while the exposed visceral organs on the other side have a glossy surface. Similar to previous “Companion” works, this “Companion Anatomy (Rest Area)” also features a movable wrist.

The 18 best KAWS Figures

16. 2013 Passing Through Companion

This series of “KAWS Companion (Through)” works is based on the cartoon character Mickey Mouse, with white gloves, naked body paired with shorts, a round body shape, and the specific symbol XX of KAWS. These cute appearances attract attention, but are also confused by its demeanor; The posture of sitting with knees folded and leaning forward on the steps, with hands covering their faces, resembles the melancholic expression experienced in daily life. The Kaws Sitting Statue is a bit bewildered and shy, and the atmosphere gives people a sense of alienation.

Kaws presented his new friend, Cookie Monster, at his exhibition “KAWS: BFF” in Bangkok, Thailand. Besides being paired with umbrellas, bags, and other items, the most popular one is undoubtedly the 40cm tall plush Cookie Monster! Various celebrities have released it one after another, followed by a black version.

Kaws BFF Statue is the limited edition plush puppet “KAWS: BFF Dark Edition” launched in collaboration with the well-known Hong Kong AllRightsReserve. He combines creative ideas and replaces the traditional plastic doll with a soft plush doll, refreshing the previous image of the sculpture work and adding fun to his pride.

18. 2018 KAWS CLEAR SLATE refresh

The Companion “CLEAR SLATE” enamel doll will also be available for sale on the KAWS online store! This doll originated from the KAWS: CLEAR SLATE refresh exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2014. Unlike previous dolls, the biggest feature of this version is the simultaneous appearance of three Companions, and the provision of brown, gray, and black versions. It is definitely a must-have collectible for street enthusiasts.

Kaws Clean Slate Figure has launched three colors and will be available for sale on December 9th at 10am US time in The Modern store and online stores. Each coin is priced at $480 USD, and each person can only purchase a maximum of one set.

The 18 best KAWS Figures

In addition, KAWS is an artist that I really like. The 18 best KAWS Figures article can only briefly cover the KAWS trendy section, and we welcome everyone to add any missing trendy content. In the future, we will also interpret and study kAWS’s artistic creations from different perspectives. Friends who like KAWS, please keep an eye on our updates.

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